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Deer Capture Net Launcher Preparing for LaunchKiwi Captures International has developed, perfected and patented this unique system of net capture specifically designed for use on animals (primarily deer) in urban and wooded areas. This system is based on a hand held net gun normally launched from a helicopter. The KCI system is unique in that it launches a net 4 times larger than a hand held net gun, is suspended only 8' over a baited area, and is launched by remote control from up to 400 yards away. The size of the net, and the fact that it deploys in just 1/10 of a second makes multiple captures probable with every launch. Animals become completely wrapped in the net within 2 seconds.

Advantages of Net Capturing:

  • No chance of trapping unwanted animals.
  • Capture net is launched by remote control.
  • Poses no danger to children or pets (I.E. No heavy doors as with unattended box traps).
  • 27' x 27' net offers multiple captures with each launch.
  • No firearms or blood shed.
  • Animals that have learned to stay away from traps or become nocturnal can easily be caught anytime day or night.
  • Selective trapping can be easily accomplished, net launcher can remain in place indefinitely, only needing to replace or recharge batteries monthly.
  • Much faster to setup than any other drop-net system. Net launcher can be setup in just 10 minutes.
Leg Tieing for Deer Capture
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